Does Hand Sanitizer Expire?

Does hand sanitizer expire to a point of it being pointless to even keep around, or does it lose its efficacy over time until that point? Yes. Hand Sanitizer DOES expire - but not entirely useless.

To answer this popular topic as of late, we consulted the official website on the matter. According to the Question and Answer section, hand sanitizers are considered over the counter (OTC) and thereby regulated by the FDA.

The document explains further that OTC products as a general statement must list an expiration date. This is only omitted if they have data proving stability for more than 3 years.

Interestingly enough, the FDA does not actually have current information or data on the effectiveness or even stability of drug products beyond their date of expiration.

If you pick up a bottle of hand sanitizer that was recently produced under the temporary policies for hand sanitizer production and compounding, you may not notice an expiration date listed.

This is because the products are fully expected to be used during the public health emergency we are in.

To answer the question plainly; it appears that because of the shortage of hand sanitizers (head over to our shop here to pick up as many bottles as you'd like:

it might be a few years from now until someone tests the efficacy of OTC hand sanitizers status post three years but - yes hand sanitizer does expire.

The hand sanitizer begins to lose its efficacy as soon as the container holding the liquid is opened and continues to decrease beyond the 60% alcohol concentration (60% being the suggested cutoff low).

Running Low On Hand Sanitizer Waiting For Your ClinicianLife Shipment?

Inevitably we will all run a little low on sanitation supplies however, it is suggested by medical experts that any amount of alcohol concentration in hand sanitizer is better than not using it at all. It should be really stressed, however, that washing your hands with soap and water is always preferable to using hand sanitizer, especially at home where you, (hopefully), always have access to soap and water.

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