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We started in order to better serve you, the customer, when you need clean products to keep you safe

ClinicianLife.Com is a US - Based Company with products that are of course, sourced and used from home soil!

You no longer have to experience extended and almost never ending waiting time between an order placed, shipping, and final arrival to your doorstep.

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Our hand sanitizer made from the highest quality ingredients available to ensure maximum safety and comfort.


We always ensure our products are made with minimal, high quality ingredients while delivering maximum effectiveness

At, we believe in providing dependable products to protect against the spread of germs and viruses. 

How to Use ClinicianLife.Com Hand Sanitizer:

Hand Sanitizer Instructions From The Source


In order to maximize effectiveness, please follow these best practices: 

1. Make sure all visible organic matter is removed from hands

2. Apply dime size amount of hand sanitizer to palm of hand

3. Rub hands together covering all surfaces of hands and fingers

4. Rub hands together until hand sanitizer is absorbed

Hand Sanitizer Facts

ClinicianLife.Com Liquid Hand Sanitizer is a quick absorbing liquid formula made according to FDA/WHO guidelines - it leaves no residue and kills 99.9% of germs within 15 seconds!


Our hand sanitizer is made with four simple ingredients:


1) 75% Alcohol
2) Glycerin
3) Hydrogen Peroxide
4) Distilled Water

That simple of a solution!

How To Navigate the ClinicianLife.Com Store Effectively

(So You Can Get Back To What's Important In Life!)

The ClinicianLife.Com Store and products are cataloged into simple categories of item types, depending on what you may need today and in the future.

If time is of the essence, you can either easily navigate to the top of our page and click on the "Shop Now" Button on top of our storefront. 

This will show you all of our sanitation products ranging from the Infrared Thermometer all the way to Surface Cleaners, like the Surface Cleaner Pro

Next, depending on if you're a business, head of the family, or looking for the essentials in a neatly packaged group of items, you can easily pick from the following categories:

The Essential Box

This bundle supplies our customers with:

1. Hand Sanitizer 

2. Blue Nitrile Gloves

3. Surgical Masks

The Family Box

This bundled package for shoppers comes with:

1. 2 oz and 64 oz 75% Isopropyl Alcohol Hand Sanitizer
2. The Surface Sanitizer Pro 
3. Surgical Masks
4. Nitrile Powder-free Gloves

The Back To Work Box

This product package strategically comes with

1. Blue Gloves

2. Masks (3-Ply)

3. Unscented Hand Sanitizer

For Those Running A Business, ClinicianLife.Com Happily Provides an Effective:


Back To Business Box

Business owners and operators will receive with their purchase of this package:

1. 2 oz 75% Isopropyl Alcohol Hand Sanitizer
2. 64 oz 75% Isopropyl Alcohol Hand Sanitizer
3. 64 oz Surface Sanitizer Pro 
4. 3 Ply Surgical Mask 
5. 6mm Nitrile Powder-free Gloves

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